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De Nora is the leading supplier of electrodes, coatings, and complete electrochemical solutions in diversified electrochemical markets. Founded in 1923, the company now has seven global manufacturing facilities and three R&D centers. Loyalty to electrochemistry is its undisputed legacy.


With seven manufacturing facilities globally, including De Nora Tech near Cleveland, OH, De Nora is able to provide local supply of new products and repair of existing ones. In addition, with electrochemistry experts, it is able to provide technical service and research requirements to diagnose and solve your problems.


It is through over 90 years of research that De Nora has provided solutions for a wide variety of electrochemical applications. Requirements have varied greatly by the individual needs of customers, and only through its partnership with them can De Nora identify and provide the best custom solution.

Catalysts and Gas Diffusion Electrodes

Catalysts and Gas Diffusion Electrodes

De Nora has been in the Fuel Cell Market for over twenty years having developed the gold standard E-TEK® family products. We continue to offer a portfolio of different precious metal catalysts and gas diffusion electrodes.
Water Electrolysis Electrodes

Water Electrolysis Electrodes

De Nora has made water electrolysis our single largest research area of focus. We continue to work with a wide variety of companies on advanced electrode and cell design.
Flow Battery Electrodes

Flow Battery Electrodes

We have worked with energy storage companies to help their specific technologies operate at higher current densities (up to 10 kA/m2) while maintaining high efficiency and gas quality.


SNAM invests in De Nora due to the lead in the hydrogen economy

De Nora, a recognized international leader in the design, production, and supply of electrochemical technologies and water treatment systems, becomes a partner of choice to Snam, thus complementing both organization's initiatives. MORE...

De Nora supplies electrode for largest hydrogen project in Europe

The project initiated by Nouryon and Gasunie in Delfzijl, Netherlands will be the largest ZERO – CARBON HYDROGEN PLANT in Europe, with a production capacity of 3,000 ton/year (20 MW) and reduction of 27,000 ton/year of CO2 emissions based on McPhy innovative alkaline water electrolyzers.

De Nora is the electrode of choice for large tkUCE AWE projects in North America

Thyssen Krupp UHDE Chlorine Engineer is the technology of choice for several announced large water electrolysis projects in Louisiana, Canada and Saudi Arabia. As a joint venture partner, De Nora is the electrode enabling technology for these projects and many more still to come.

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We Are De Nora

We Are De Nora Our Core Pillars

Alkaline Water Electrolysis Pilot System

Alkaline Water Electrolysis Pilot System Alkaline Water Electrolysis Pilot System


De Nora has over 90 years of experience in supplying electrochemical solutions for a variety of applications. It has decades of experience with E-TEK® catalysts and gas diffusion electrodes with active research programs on three continents. Come talk to the team about your requirements and how De Nora can provide a custom solution!

Charles Schultz

Charles Schultz

Business Development Manager

Chuck has worked for De Nora for over thirty years. The first twenty-five were in the chlorine and caustic equipment area, eventually becoming the Sales and Technical Support Manager with responsibility for revenue of up to $50 million per year. He has now been promoted into the newly created Business Development position where he has responsibility for working with customers in new electrochemical applications, especially in energy. Focuses in this area are both Redox Flow Batteries and bringing back the E-TEK® family of GDE and catalysts - the industry standard for many years.

Andrew Smeltz

Andrew Smeltz

New Application Research Manager

Andrew leads the New Application Research group at the Concord, OH offices and has been with the company for four years. His group, in coordination with the other De Nora R&D centers, develops new electrode technologies and products for PEM and alkaline water electrolysis, electrochemical CO2 reduction, fuel cells and flow batteries. Prior to joining De Nora, he completed his PhD at the Purdue University School of Chemical Engineering before spending five years at the United Technologies Research Center developing new technologies for vanadium RFB and other energy storage devices.

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