GREEN - SAFE - COMPACT Hydrogen Storage solutions

GKN Hydrogen, a division of GKN Powder Metallurgy, is pioneering safe, emission-free green hydrogen storage to help organizations and societies around the world achieve their carbon neutrality goals. We are bringing to market a range of modular hydrogen storage solution based on metal hydrides


We provide a range of green, safe and compact modular HY2 energy systems MORE...

HY2 Mini

HY2 Mini

Integrated green hydrogen power system - 10-25 kg H2 / 165-420 kWh electrical - 8kW power / 14kW peak load
HY2 Medi

HY2 Medi

Integrated green hydrogen power system - 60-120 kg H2 / 1-2 MWh electrical - 8 - 24kW power / 25 - 75kW peak load
HY2 Mega

HY2 Mega

Hydrogen storage sub system - 265 kg H2 / ~9MWh energy


GKN Hydrogen selected to be part of U.S. Department of Energy H2@Scale Project

GKN Hydrogen (GKN) is pleased to announce $1.7M of funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office to add two HY2MEGA metal hydride hydrogen storage tanks to the hydrogen assets at the ARIES facility on NREL’s Flatirons Campus near Boulder, CO.

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HY2 Medi Hydrogen Energy System