Mission possible: a world powered by 100% renewable energy

Highview Power is a developer of long duration, liquid air energy storage plants, based on its propriety cryogenic technology that delivers clean, reliable, and low-cost, large-scale long duration energy storage, enabling a 100% renewable energy future.


Liquid Air Long Duration Energy Storage

Liquid Air Long Duration Energy Storage

Highview Power’s CRYOBattery takes ambient air, cools and stores it as a liquid, and then converts it back into a pressurized gas that drives turbines to produce electricity.


Highview Power Receives Driving Innovation Award

Highview Power won the Driving Innovation Award at this year’s UK-Spain Business Awards, hosted by the UK Department of International Trade. These awards celebrate the trading relationship between Britain and Spain and recognize the companies who help strengthen this bond. MORE...

Highview Power Closes Growth Capital Funding Round with $70 Million

Highview Power closed its Growth Capital round of funding with over $70 million, bringing the total amount of funding and grants the company has secured to date to over $145 million. MORE...

Long-duration energy storage goes mainstream

In an article from Recharge News, Leigh Collins writes about Highview Power's momentous growth and some future projects that are in the works. MORE...

Highview Power Selects MAN Energy Solutions for Turbomachinery Technology

Highview Power, a global leader in long duration energy storage solutions, has selected MAN Energy Solutions to provide its LAES turbomachinery solution to Highview Power for its CRYOBattery™ facility, a 50 MW liquid-air, energy-storage facility. MORE...

Facility Tour

Virtual Tour of Highview Power Facility If you're interested in viewing a virtual tour of Highview Power, please email media@highviewpower.com.


The Highview Power team is comprised of established and experienced energy experts, all led by CEO Javier Cavada.

Javier Cavada

Javier Cavada


Dr. Javier Cavada joined Highview Power as CEO and President in September 2018 with the mission to drive the ambitious global expansion strategy for the company’s proprietary cryogenic energy storage technology. Cavada previously spent 17 years in leadership positions at Wärtsilä Corporation, one of the world's top three technology companies in the energy market. He has also held leadership roles within the German multinational firm Robert Bosch in the fields of automotive technology and manufacturing. Cavada holds a Ph.D. in industrial engineering and among other awards has been recognized as a Distinguished Alumni by the University of Cantabria in Spain.

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