Lockheed Martin's GridStar® Flow battery provides long-duration, large-capacity energy storage with superior flexibility, durability and safety to enable a more sustainable future.


Lockheed Martin advances resilient, clean and safe energy technology around the globe by delivering innovative energy storage systems and nuclear instrumentation and control solutions. Currently, Lockheed Martin is commercializing GridStar Flow, a redox flow battery designed for long-duration, large-capacity energy storage applications, to address the new, disruptive challenges faced by the grid.

GridStar Flow

GridStar Flow

GridStar Flow is a long-duration redox flow battery based on the principles of coordination chemistry, offering a new electrochemistry consisting of engineered electrolytes made from earth-abundant materials.


Lockheed Martin Installs its First Commercial Version of GridStar Flow

We have installed GridStar Flow, Serial Number One (S/N01), the first instance of the commercial product version of GridStar Flow. S/N01 will be tested over the next several months to demonstrate the system’s performance and will form the basis for future customer-sited projects. MORE...

Facility Tour

GridStar Flow Headquarters

GridStar Flow Headquarters Lockheed Martin’s cutting-edge, 95,000–square-foot facility in Andover is the official home and single site for the development, testing and production of GridStar Flow.

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