NYPA DER Advisory Services with Expertise in Storage and Solar

NYPA brings expert guidance in clean energy solutions - with specialized services in energy storage & solar technologies. We bring:

- Turnkey approach
- Comprehensive cost-benefit analysis
- Expert evaluation of storage technologies & options
- Contract negotiation & full implementation services


We help you navigate the complexities of solar, standalone storage, and hybrid solutions - moving you from a free initial consultation through to the selection of developer partners, interconnection negotiations and development of your project.

Our team brings planning and implementation services - together with guidance about advanced control technologies and future innovations in distributed energy resources (DER).

Energy Storage Consultation & Advisory

As leaders in the energy storage space, NYPA offers insights about whether storage is right for you. We support you and manage anything from scoping and implementation of a shorter-term solar project to a full 10-year plan.

Financial Strategy

NYPA uses cost-benefit analysis to support your storage needs, calculating the economics of battery storage to structure the best deal. We also identify opportunities to earn revenue through the resale of excess solar power.

Project Oversight and Management

Our project managers & engineers simplify the process of adding energy storage. We calculate the economics, and then manage the entire process from design & developer selection to interconnection & implementation.

Next Generation Innovation

NYPA is at the forefront of energy storage innovation - developing new financial models to help underwrite storage costs. We are engaged in the development advanced control technologies & virtual power plants of the future.


NYPA has a comprehensive portfolio of solar and storage services to meet your needs. We have the expertise to recommend the best solar and storage configuration for each customer. We can also offer other energy options if solar and storage do not represent the best solution.

On-Site Solar + Storage

NYPA delivers expert guidance and helps develop and implement solar solutions plus on-site storage. Our customers include local governments, state agencies, hospitals, schools and some of the largest businesses in the State.

Standalone Storage

NYPA’s experts advise on standalone storage solutions - supporting facility peak load management, resiliency requirements and sustainability goals. Our expertise extends across customer and developer-owned storage.

Community Solar

NYPA can structure your community solar and storage project – bringing lease revenue, and delivering renewable power to the community. We can also match developers with large scale offtakers.

Case Studies



The Javits Center is one of Manhattan’s largest green rooftops. NYPA w/ Siemens installed ~4,000 solar panels to generate ~1.6 MW of power w/ a 3.5 MW battery storage system
Result: Reduced reliance on the grid, & provides a way to participate in demand reduction programs.



JFK is partnering w/ the Port Authority to develop the largest solar power canopy system in NY State - w/ ~12.3MW of solar energy + a 7.5 MW battery.
Result: Battery for peak demand management at JFK. Solar power distributed to businesses and LMI residents, 450+ green jobs


NYPA brings a team of experts in DER services including solar and storage. Our team of project managers and engineers provide turnkey, expert services to help you manage and think through the complexities and economic justification of adding storage and battery to your facility. Reach out to us about energy storage or any of our other clean energy solutions at solar@nypa.gov.

Girish Behal

Girish Behal

VP Project & Business Development

Girish Beral has more than 15 years of experience in the power industry, with a focus on high voltage transmission, renewable integration and energy storage projects. At NYPA, Girish leads the Business Development team that is tasked with growing energy storage to meet ambitious New York State goals.

Girish has a background in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration.

Sylvia Louie

Sylvia Louie

Senior Business Development Manager

Sylvia Louie is a Senior Business Development Manager at NYPA, where she is focused on large-scale renewables and energy storage. She has been with NYPA for 11 years and has held various positions within departments such as Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Technology and Executive Office Management before joining Project and Business Development.
Sylvia is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York State and a Project Management Professional. She earned a bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering from The Cooper Union and a master’s in business administration from New York University Stern School of Business.

Vennela Yadhati

Vennela Yadhati

Manager, Clean Energy Advisory Services

As a Manager in the Clean Energy group, Vennela manages over 300 megawatts of solar photovoltaic cells (P.V.) and energy storage projects for multiple NYPA customers across the State. These include New York City's Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), and Port Authority to name a few. Together, these projects maximize energy capacity and economic value for customers. Vennela is currently helping the group develop new business models including the first of its kind, aggregated community distributed generation (CDG) portfolio for over three dozen municipalities and school districts across Westchester County, and a virtual power plant (VPP) product structure for NYPA to offer its customers and the grid greater flexibility and value.

Emilie Bolduc

Emilie Bolduc

Vice President

Emilie M. Bolduc is responsible for the DER Advisory, and Grid Flexibility services. She has 14 years of energy efficiency and energy management experience having worked with distribution utilities as an energy efficiency program consultant and with private companies as a strategic energy program advisor. She is a Certified Energy Manager through the Association of Energy Engineers, has an MBA in Sustainability from Bard, and received her Bachelors from Vassar.

Christina Iwaniw

Christina Iwaniw

Distributed Energy Engineer I

Christina has over eight years of engineering experience, including design and project management in both renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Christina is an engineer with the Clean Energy Advisory Services team at NYPA, focusing on distributed energy. As a renewable energy advisor, she executes site analysis, project scopes and design, development of requests for proposal and project oversight- conducting weekly meetings with the customer and developer.

Some solar photovoltaic cell (PV) projects she is involved with include the New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservations, multiple State University of New York campuses, NYS Towns and Municipalities, K-12 Schools, NYS Department of Transportation and the Department of Citywide Administration.

Ben Cuozzo

Ben Cuozzo

Lead Project Manager

Ben is a specialist in solar photovoltaic cells (PV) and distributed generation technologies. At NYPA, he works in developing renewable energy projects and programs for customers. His responsibilities include preparing project economic forecasts, project scoping and system design. During the pre-development phase, Ben researches other factors that may impact project success. He acts as a customer-facing point of contact for projects as they move from conception to completion.

Ben also works with NYPA’s policy and regulatory affairs team to create programs that enable greater, more efficient and more economical adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs).Currently, Ben is managing the implementation of over 50MW of distributed solar PV projects under development throughout New York.

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