Pyrophobic Systems Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of life safety products.

Our proven passive fire protection products are engineered using proprietary intumescent technologies that absorb heat, withstand flame and contain thermal runaway at scale. Our integrated fire safety solutions mitigate life safety risk, damage to property and unlock efficiencies.


Lithium Prevent is a passive fire containment technology that makes lithium-ion battery systems safer by creating thermal separation, venting both ejecta and electrolyte gas and preventing cascading propagation by containing thermal events. This enables OEMs to meet industry safety standards for electric vehicle and energy storage system manufacturers and battery integrators. MORE...


Managing UL9540A Using Intumescent Composite Thermal Barrier Design

Lithium Prevent recently achieved a major product validation milestone using its proprietary Intuplas fire-resistant intumescent composite as part of a battery energy storage system design to contain a runaway lithium-ion battery fire event in the BESS during UL 9540A installation test. MORE...


North American team serving a global market

John Page, MBA

John Page, MBA

President & CEO

John has led PyroPhobic Systems Ltd. for 15 years, taking the company from research and development to its current focus on manufacturing technology and new market applications. John oversees engineering, product design and development and the manufacturing of the company’s proprietary fire barrier containment systems. John previously held executive positions in sales, marketing and general management at several multinational chemical companies.

Jolon Page, MBA, CA/CPA

Jolon Page, MBA, CA/CPA

VP, Sales and Marketing

Jolon Page is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PyroPhobic Systems where he is focused on the commercial development of PyroPhobic’s fire barrier systems. Jolon is passionate about working with clients to solve safety challenges and optimizing for unique safety requirements. Jolon has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and finance.

Prior to PyroPhobic, he spent 5 years in telecom where he led TELUS’ Partnerships and Account Management teams. Jolon holds an HBA & MBA from the Ivey School of Business and holds a CA/CPA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. He lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter. If you’re interested in learning more about PyroPhobic systems, please contact Jolon directly at

Tim Riley, MBA

Tim Riley, MBA

Director, International Business Development

Tim has directed business development and sales for PyroPhobic System’s life safety technology for 10 years. He works with OEMs to achieve UL 9540a test results at the module and unit level. Tim is a participating member of the SAE G27 committee tasked with the development of performance packaging standards for air transportation of lithium batteries.

With 30 years of experience, Tim previously directed architectural and sales activities to specify, sell, and apply UL listed cementitious and intumescent fireproofing products in major metropolitan regions across North America.

Tim is a retired US Navy Officer. He is experienced in training and directing the firefighter and hull technician activities for the maintenance and operation of shipboard damage control and firefighting systems.