Stem is a Global Leader in AI-driven Energy Storage

Stem provides solutions that address the challenges of today’s dynamic energy market. By combining advanced energy storage solutions with Athena™, a world-class artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics platform, Stem enables customers and partners to optimize energy use by automatically switch


Get more value from your energy investments with Athena, Stem’s intelligent software solution


Athena is Stem’s software platform built to seamlessly integrate and optimize energy resources. By sitting in between distributed energy resources (DERs), the utility, and grid control systems, Athena makes it easier for you


Stem, Inc. Successfully Transitions 345MWh Southern California Energy Storage Po

Stem announced it has completed six months of successful operation of the 345MWh energy storage portfolio owned by Electrodes Holdings LLC (“Electrodes”) which last year transferred portfolio control to Stem’s Athena™ smart energy software. MORE...

Case Studies

Massachusetts SMART Program

The Blandford project is the first 8MWh of a 28MWh solar plus storage portfolio in Massachusetts that Stem will operate for Syncarpha, with four additional front of meter projects now being developed in towns across the state.


“Stem’s pioneering intelligent storage and expertly managed operations are key components to the success of our deployments across Massachusetts. Stem supported the ISO-NE registration process so we could get our assets in the markets sooner and start generating revenue quickly."

Cliff Chapman