Energy Storage is at the Center of Clean Energy

ESA is the leading voice that advocates and advances the energy storage industry, with a goal to realize 100 GW of storage implemented by 2030. Join us in building a better world through a more resilient, efficient, sustainable, and affordable electricity grid.


Engage in Energy Storage Policy

With the support of our members, the ESA tirelessly works with regulators at the federal and state levels to open fair, competitive markets for the widespread adoption of energy storage.

Advocate in Wholesale Markets

ESA engages in proceedings at the FERC and in stakeholder processes of the various RTOs and ISOs to open wholesale electricity markets to energy storage and promote market designs that value flexibility.

Participate in Keystone Events

Members come together at ESA's events to connect, learn, and network. Whether its the Policy Forum, the Annual Conference & Expo, or Storage Exchange, you'll hear the latest from experts in the industry.

Serve as a Thought Leader

Sign onto ESA's Corporate Responsibility Initiative and participate in the development of best practices in the areas of potential operating hazards, end-of-life and recycling, and responsible supply chain practices.

Network to Build Your Business

Take advantage of ESA's expansive sponsorship program to market your company. Did you know that ESA's website gets 33,000 views per month and the annual conference attracts over 2500 participants? Don't wait!

Showcase Your Skills and Company

ESA's Speakers Bureau is designed to increase the visibility of member companies. Participation connects your company directly with media outlets and speaking engagement.

Access Energy Storage Market Research

Delivered quarterly, the U.S. Energy Storage Monitor from Wood Mackenzie and ESA provides the industry’s only comprehensive research on energy storage markets, deployments, policies, regulations, and financing in the U.S.

Read the Latest Energy Storage News

Whether it's learning of breaking news from an ESAlert, reading a monthly update of policy activities in ESAwareness, or scanning industry briefs in Energy Storage News, members are kept up to date.


ESA Urges Congress to Add Energy Storage Tax Credit to Infrastructure Bill

The letter was signed by a diverse group of more than 150 industry industry trade organizations, environmental advocacy groups, and small businesses across the United States. MORE...

ESA Praises American Jobs Plan That Would Accelerate Energy Storage Deployment

ESA commends the White House for prioritizing energy storage and policies that support the industry’s growth in the American Jobs Plan. Chief among those priorities is the investment tax credit (ITC) for energy storage, which will level the playing field with other clean energy technologies. MORE...

ESA Responds to NYISO re: Administrative Fees for Co-located Storage Resources

ESA jointly submitted a filing at FERC on March 19th in response to New York Independent System Operator’s (NYISO) reply to the Clean Energy Intervenors initial protest in February about pancaked administrative fees proposed in NYISO’s co-located storage resources filing with FERC in January.

Virginia Governor Signs Bills Reforming Taxation & Permitting of Energy Storage

"We were pleased to win this legislative package on behalf of our members, and applaud each of the bill sponsors and Governor Northam for their work pushing this forward", said ESA Interim CEO Jason Burwen.

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